Underfloor Heating

Green Heat Wales Ltd have fifteen years experience of being renewable energy specialists in both England and Wales.  We offer a wide product range and work closely with our clients offering cost effective and energy efficient solutions for their homes.  Our team of professionally trained installers only installs good quality products and we never rely on cheap imports as a rule.  Our team of specialists can offer expert advice on all of our products, such as underfloor heating.

The UK’s underfloor heating market is growing at a rate of 20% per annum due to the low running costs and the environmental benefits that it offers.  It is the most comfortable form of heating as it is largely radiant and is unobtrusive.  Many people feel that it gives them around 15% more living space once they have it installed.  Underfloor heating uses a balance of radiant and convected heat.  Apart from being completely safe it is also a lot more hygienic than conventional radiators as it does not pick up dust and put it into the air we breathe.  It is also a lot more energy efficient.  There are no floor draughts with underfloor heating and the temperature throughout each room is even.  With conventional radiators the hottest part of the room is the ceiling and the floor is the coldest part, with underfloor heating the opposite occurs.  Also it does not cause dry eyes and stuffy noses like conventional radiators do.  It can be used with almost any floor covering such as carpet, lino, laminate and stone.  The benefits of underfloor heating are endless:

  • Low running costs means lower fuel bills
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 15% more living space once installed
  • Better for your health than conventional radiators
  • Even temperature throughout the room

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