Solar Thermal Heating

Green Heat Wales are renewable energy specialists who have a wide range of products available for our customers.  We install throughout England and Wales and offer bespoke designs and incorporate multiple technology systems in our client’s homes.  We have a dedicated team of specialists with expert knowledge and advice on all of our renewable products that we offer.

We have been installing solar thermal heating systems for over ten years and our customer feedback is exceptional.  We only use fully trained installers who you can trust and work with only quality products, never cheap imports.  All of this offers peace of mind to our customers when they employ our services, such as installing solar thermal heating systems.

Solar water heating systems are fantastic because they warm your domestic water for free by using heat from the sun.  If you want your water hotter then you simply rely on your immersion heater or conventional boiler or they can be used when solar energy is unavailable.

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They work by using solar panels, known as collectors, which are fitted to your roof.  These collectors then collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up your water, this is then stored in a hot water cylinder.  Solar water heating panels come in two different forms.  Firstly there are flat plate collectors which can either be integrated into the roof or fixed onto the roof tiles.  Secondly there are evacuated tubes.

Solar thermal heating systems can provide most of the hot water that you use in the summer but during colder weather they provide less.  Maintenance for the systems are very low and they only need to be checked between 3 to 7 years so that your anti-freeze levels can be checked.  Your anti-freeze will last longer if the system is always in use throughout the year and not left unused, especially during the summer months when it is hottest.  Pumps also need to be checked but not as often, maybe every ten years or so.

Solar thermal heating systems can save you money on your energy bills, typically around £60 a year when they are replacing a gas system or £85 when replacing an electric one.  Savings will vary with each different user.

Current Domestic RHI tariff rates

Biomass boilers and biomass stoves Air source heat pumps Ground source heat pumps Solar thermal
Tariff (per kilowatt hour renewable heat) 12.2p 7.3p 18.8p 19.2p


Solar thermal heating systems are right for your home if you have a roof space which faces east to west through south, around five metres of roof space and has direct sunlight on it for the main part of the day.  You don’t necessarily have to have the panels on a roof, they could be hung on a wall.

Most conventional boilers and hot water systems are compatible with solar water heating and the benefits are fantastic.  There are many benefits to having one installed in your home:

  • They provide hot water throughout the year, even during winter months.
  • They reduce your heating bills because sunlight is free.
  • They reduce your carbon footprint because they reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

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