Pellet Boiler Installation

Green Heat Wales Ltd is an industry-regulated company who has been trading for the past 15 years. We always rely on good quality products and never use cheap imports as a rule. Our installers are highly professional years of experience in their field. We can simply supply you with the products or we also offer a supply and fit service, whichever you prefer. We install pellet boilers on a daily basis, read below if you think you would like a pellet boiler installed in your home.

Pellet Boilers use wood pellets for fuel and are a safe and convenient way of heating your home. Apart from being very environmentally friendly, the boilers use advanced controls, which cleverly regulate the amount of fuel that is delivered to the boiler to match the heat demand on the boiler. The wood pellets are sucked into the boiler through a vacuum tube that can pull the pellets from up to 20 metres away so it is great in terms of flexibility in the storage of the fuel. The ash that is created is removed automatically so it is a very clean and reliable way to heat your home.

The benefits of installing a Pellet Boiler are:

  • Pellet Boilers Save Owners Up To 60% On Their Energy Bills.
  • You Enjoy The Same Level Of Comfort From A Pellet Boiler As You Do From A Standard Boiler.
  • An Investment In A Pellet Boiler Will See A Return On Your Investment As High As 49% Per Year Over 15 Years.
  • Wood Pellet Prices Are Not Impacted By World Markets.
  • Wood Pellet Fuel Is Not As Bulky And More Convenient Than Firewood.