Biomass Heating

Green Heat Wales are renewable energy specialists with fifteen years of experience to fall back on.  Our fully trained installers offer bespoke designs and can integrate technology systems into your home.  Our products are of the highest quality and we never import cheap quality goods.  We work closely with all of our clients and we always have fantastic customer feedback whenever we install our products, such as biomass systems, into their homes.

Biomass systems can also be known as wood-fuelled heating systems and they create warmth by burning wood chips, logs or pellets.  They can provide warmth to a single room, your hot water boiler or it can power your central heating system.  The difference is that a stove burns the pellets or logs to heat a single room in your home but it can also be fitted along with your boiler so that it can provide hot water as well.  A boiler is connected to your central heating system along with your hot water system and burns the pellets, logs or chips to create the heat.  This way of heating can save you nearly £600 a year on your fuel bill compared to standard electric heating.

To maintain wood fuelled boilers and stoves you need to remove ash regularly so they need to be swept and kept clean.  Although the quantities of ash are quite low you still need to empty the ash bin, perhaps just once a week.  However some systems, such as boilers, have self-cleaning systems built into them.

You need to decide which wood fuelled heating system you want installing into your home.  Boilers can replace your standard gas or oil boiler and will heat the radiators and hot water for your whole house.  Stoves however will only heat the one room and then work in conjunction with another heating system, you will normally have a back boiler which will heat your hot water.

Pellets tend to be used for residential homes because they are easier to use.  Chips are used to heat much larger buildings or perhaps a group of houses.  Pellets boilers will act in much the same way as the traditional gas or oil boilers.  Those people having a log burning stove or boiler fitted will have to fill them by hand but most pellet and chip burners have automatic fuel feeders.  Therefore logs are more work and a lot of them are needed to warm your entire house, on the plus side they are cheaper than pellets.

You will need more space if you are having a wood boiler installed as they tend to take up more space than a gas or oil boiler.  You will also need space to store the fuel, likely places are somewhere that is appropriate for feeding the boiler but also good for deliveries.  You will need a flue that has met the regulations.

Biomass systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout the UK, some of the reasons are detailed below:

  • They are affordable and although the price of wood varies, it is still cheaper than other heating options.
  • You have a lower carbon footprint as long as the fuel is sourced locally, the emissions are a lot less than fossil fuels.

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