Air Source Heat Pumps

Green Heat Wales Ltd are renewable energy specialists and have fifteen years of experience in the industry.   We work throughout England and Wales and offer a range of products offering cost effective and energy efficient solutions to our customers.  We have professionally fully trained installers who can integrate new technologies into your existing home.  We only use good quality products and never rely on cheap imports.  Our specialists can offer you expert advice on our range of renewable products such as air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air outside which is then used to heat your radiators and hot water and also any underfloor heating systems in your home.  It works very much like a fridge in that it extracts heat from its inside.  Even if the temperature outside is -15C an air source heat pump can still get heat from the air.  They work by delivering heat at lower temperatures over much longer periods.  A unit is fixed to an outside wall and it will need plenty of space to enable the system to get a good flow of air.  An ideal place for a unit would be a sunny wall outside.  There are many benefits to having an air source heat pump installed:

  • They lower your domestic fuel bills, especially if you are replacing a conventional electric heating system.
  • Depending on what fuel you are replacing, the system can reduce your home’s carbon emissions.
  • There is no need for fuel deliveries.
  • The system heats both your home and your hot water.
  • The system needs very little maintenance once installed.

Air Source Heat Pumps Gallery

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