Key Benefits of a Ground Source Heat Pump System

Ground source heat pumps are very beneficial once they are installed into your property.  They are placed below the surface of the ground because the ground stays at a constant temperature, allowing the pump to be used throughout the year.  Even in the middle of winter when temperatures plummet, the ground source heat pump can still work effectively.  Therefore there are many benefits to having one installed, below are some of the benefits that you could enjoy if you had one fitted in your garden.

Ground source heat pumps are beneficial because they significantly reduce your heating bills.  When compared to the traditional heating systems that most homeowners have, ground source heat pumps allow homeowners to receive much lower bills from the outset.  At a time when fuel bills are soaring and are at an all time high, the benefits of having a ground source heat pump installed speaks volumes.

Ground source heat pumps can heat both your home and your water.  They also reduce your CO2 emissions so they are environmentally friendly.  If you have an oil or electric heating system at present, a ground source heat pump is a cost effective alternative to these.

Ground source heat pumps are very reliable as there are few moving parts in the system and they are not exposed to all types of weather.  They make very little noise because of their location and have a long life expectancy.  Once installed they also require very little maintenance.

Ground source heat pumps are suitable for most properties, whether they are residential, commercial or community installations.  They can also be installed existing buildings and not just new buildings.  They do not require any fuel storage space like LPG and oil, which rely on large storage tanks and they do not require flueing because they give off no harmful emissions.

Ground source heat pumps are a great alternative to a the traditional heating systems and the benefits of having installed one are vast.


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