Average Savings After Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air source heat pumps are considered as a lower energy alternative to the conventional boiler systems that are installed in the majority of homes in the UK.  They work in much the same way as ground source heat pumps apart from the fact that the heat is extracted from the external air rather than the ground.  They fall into two categories, air-to-air or air-to-water, depending on whether either air or water is used in your heat distribution system in your property.


There are many advantages to having an air source heat pump installed.  Firstly they reduce the cost of your heating bills from the outset.  The air source heat pump does need a little electricity to run but you will still save money on your energy bills.    They are much cheaper to run than electric heating and also gas and oil boilers.  They also use natural energy so you will be saving the environment, making them environmentally friendly compared to other forms of heating.


All depending on what system you are replacing in the first place, your household could see a reduction of between £130 and £610 on your annual heating bills.  A £5000 system installed in your home would pay for itself within nine years.


There is hardly any maintenance required because once they are installed into your home the heat pumps virtually look after themselves.  Little or no maintenance is required after installation.  You will not have the maintenance costs that come with a standard boiler and the need for an expensive plumber to call out if anything goes wrong.


Air source heat pumps are one of the least expensive forms of renewable energy systems available.  On average it is thought that a typical family home can expect to pay around £400 to £500 per year on supplying electricity to the system, less than half what a standard electricity bill to a traditional heating system is, around £1200.


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