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Key Benefits of a Ground Source Heat Pump System

Ground source heat pumps are very beneficial once they are installed into your property.  They are placed below the surface of the ground because the ground stays at a constant temperature, allowing the pump to be used throughout the year.  Even in the middle of winter when temperatures plummet, the ground source heat pump can [...]

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Average Savings After Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air source heat pumps are considered as a lower energy alternative to the conventional boiler systems that are installed in the majority of homes in the UK.  They work in much the same way as ground source heat pumps apart from the fact that the heat is extracted from the external air rather than the [...]

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The Nation is Saving Millions in Heating Bills!

Gas and electricity bills have soared over the last five years, according to Ofgem the average gas and electricity bill for a family living in a three-bedroom house is now around £1500.  With our fuel bills going through the roof and the cost of every day living rocketing too, there are many things that you [...]

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